2019 Developer Experts

Cloudinary today unveiled its Media Developer Experts (MDE) program, a program created to foster knowledge sharing and community building for developers.

What is Cloudinary?

Cloudinary is an end-to-end image management solution for your website and mobile apps. Cloudinary covers everything from image uploads, storage, manipulations, optimizations to delivery. You can easily upload images to the cloud, automatically perform smart image manipulations without installing any complex software. All your images are then seamlessly delivered through a fast CDN, optimized and using industry best practices.Cloudinary offers comprehensive APIs and administration capabilities and is easy to integrate with new and existing web and mobile applications.

2019 Cloudinary Developer Experts

Certified MDEs will also play an important role in contributing to the broader developer network across the media management ecosystem.
This will be with efforts including open-source projects, hackathons, meetups, conferences, workshops, content opportunities and more.

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2019 Media Developer Experts.

What's A Media Developer Expert?

MDEs are unique software and design advocates who share their knowledge, expertise, and insights at community events and across the social web, aided by Cloudinary’s products and resources.

2019 Developer Experts.

More on Cloudinary

Cloudinary is a SaaS technology company headquartered in Santa Clara, California, with an office in Israel. The company provides a cloud-based image and video management solution. It enables users to upload, store, manage, manipulate and deliver images and video for websites and apps.

Cloudinary is used by more than 450,000 web and mobile application developers at more than 5,500 companies including Condé Nast, Dropbox, WeWork, Outbrain, Taboola and Answers.com. Inc. Magazine has called Cloudinary the "gold standard" of image management on the web.

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Cloudinary Tutorials

Deliver AI generated tags and responsive images on the fly using Cloudinary.

Ire Aderinokun

Ire is a self-taught UI/UX Designer and front-end developer based in Lagos, Nigeria. With degrees in Experimental Psychology and Law, she’s adept at technical writing and explaining complex concepts to audiences of all knowledge levels.

Since starting her blog, bitsofcode, in 2015, Ire has written weekly articles on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in addition to contributing over 100 papers and video tutorials to the developer community. A stalwart advocate for open source and sharing of software expertise, Ire participates in open-source projects and continually speaks at technical events.

Jennifer Aprahamian

Jen is a product-obsessed software developer who loves building something out of nothing, jumping all over the stack, and listening to users. She’s happiest when creating something meaningful. Fun fact: Jen writes crime novels when not writing code.

Nick Babich

Nick is a developer, tech enthusiast, UX lover, and blogger who’s worked in software development for a decade. He counts advertising, psychology, and cinema among his myriad interests. Nick enjoys sharing his insights on user experience through articles on Medium, UXPlanet.com (for which he serves as editor-in-chief), and many other online publications.

Tim Benniks

Tim is a tech lead who specializes in web development, focusing on the balance between the idealism of development and the pragmatism of delivering on time and on budget. Most of all, he enjoys building innovative, accessible, and responsive user interfaces that perform like a charm.

LaQuita Gollman

LaQuita is a Seattle-based web developer who’s passionate about making the web—and the industry that builds it—a more diverse and accessible place. She revels in front-end and Vanilla JS-based development, also specializing in NodeJS, Express, and MongoDB on the back end.

Neil Humphrey

Neil is a UX engineer and lifelong learner with over five years of experience in software programming. Dedicated to designing and developing highly-optimized user experiences, he’s also the founder of OmahaCode.com, a learning platform for aspiring front-end developers and designers.

Neil Humphrey - Cloudinary Media Developer Expert.

Mohammed Israil

Mohammed is an undergraduate Computer Science Engineering student from Gandhi Engineering College in Odisha, India. He’s also an ethical hacker, a cyber-security researcher, and a leader of several developer communities, such as the OWASP Foundation. Mohammed has worked with and been acknowledged by 100+ companies, most of which from Silicon Valley.

Grant Kemp

Grant is a Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Data Studio specialist with over 15 years of experience in the digital sphere. He started out as a developer, working across multiple verticals, including e-commerce, publishing, startups, and travel. He has deployed data solutions within a bevy of well-known companies, including Dreams, Missguided, Victoria Beckham, Arsenal Football Club, Photobox, and Virgin. Grant enjoys speaking at conferences and meetups, having delivered talks at BrightonSEO, Magento Live, and other events in the U.K. In his spare time, he builds with Lego alongside his kids.

Christian Nwamba

Christian, also called Codebeast, is a software engineer who relishes in building tools with JavaScript. He was a developer advocate at Cloudinary for two years before joining Microsoft as a senior cloud developer advocate in early 2019. In addition, Christian has consulted as a software developer, technical writer, and community champion, also playing a major role in building and expanding ecosystems in collaboration with developer communities, such as forLoop Africa and Angular Nigeria.

Ekwuno Obinna

A front-end web developer based in Nigeria, Ekwuno delights in creation, with software development being one of his many outlets. He’s also passionate about building and contributing to the tech communities in Africa and globally. In addition, Ekwuno is devoted to tackling cool projects with JavaScript and the MERN Stack.

Harry Roberts

Harry is an award-winning software consultant, front-end architect, writer, and speaker from the U.K. He has consulted internationally with many clients, including the United Nations, the BBC, England’s National Health Service, Google, and the Financial Times. Harry specializes in CSS architecture and front-end performance for large and long-lived sites and applications. He’s constantly writing, coding, speaking, and running workshops worldwide on pragmatic, product-led approaches to building and scaling large front ends for long-running projects and products.

Chris Sevilleja

Chris is a web developer who’s zealous about performance on the client side. With almost a decade of development experience, he’s the founder of the popular web-dev tutorial site Scotch.io, which he started as a blog a few years ago and which now reaches millions of developers every month with superb tutorials and cutting-edge articles. When not coding, Chris engages in heavy lifting.

Dima Vishnevetsky

A senior front-end developer and educator based in Israel, Dima is much revered for his superb communication skills. He frequently hosts workshops on such topics as usability on mobile devices and UX for developers. Dima is also well-known for his engagement and mentorship in hackathons and has long been a community leader for Vue.JS in Israel.