How to Make A Great Github Profile

How to make an awesome github profile for developers who want to show off their work.

A strong Github profile is one thing that can work in your favor when applying for a job.

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Github profile

Github Profile

Have 2-4 reasonably complete projects that you can show off your skill set, along with experiments or tutorials you have done.Have a reasonably regular commit frequency (two a week on average is more than enough – don’t worry about missing a few weeks every now and then but the more activity the better overall).Bonus points for providing meaningful contributions to other projects.
How to Make a Great Github Profile.
How to Make a Great Github Profile.

Inside one of your flagship projects ensure the code is clean and readable, documentations such as a README helps a lot.Good commit messages that show your project evolving helps show you know how to use git effectively.Live demos can also help (Netlify, Firebase or Github Pages are good hosting for static sites).Additionally, the better a project you have and the more proud of them you are then the better it looks.A couple of good projects are much better then lots of incomplete or unfinished projects.However, presence of these do not detract from the profile, only the lack of a good one does – so definitely put more effort into that, but don’t be afraid to include your half complete experiments if you have any.

Github Projects

Projects will look better to an employer if they are similar to the tech stack they use, but don’t worry too much about matching it exactly.Additionally, If you want to build a project then try to use/learn the stack for the companies you are applying to but don’t go out of your way to squeeze in all the tech they use.It’s is far better to use things fit for purpose than match what they want.

Github Profile Overview

In conclusion, the most important aspect is that you should be proud to show it off and enjoy working on the projects it contains. This will encourage you to contribute more to it which looks better overall.

Great Github Profiles

Here’s a list of developers with awesome Github profiles.

What is Netlify?

NetlifyNetlify is an all-in-one workflow that combines global deployment, continuous integration, and automatic HTTPS. And that’s just the beginning.

What is firebase?

Google FirebaseFirebase is Google’s mobile platform that helps you quickly develop high-quality apps and grow your business.

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