7 New Features From Cloudinary

In all, 16 new features were created during a 10-hour Hackathon by Cloudinary Engineers. We’ll discuss 7 notable creations.
How to Speed Up Your WordPress Site with a Free Cloudinary Image CDN.

Engineers from the Cloudinary office in Petah Tikva also collaborated with remote Engineers in the United States to create 16 new features. Learn about 7 new exciting projects that were created during the Hackathon.

Cloudinary Offices

Cloudinary Office in Petah Tikva
Cloudinary recently moved their office in Sunnyvale to Santa Clara, California.

7 New Features

Although the Engineering team at Cloudinary is incredibly small, they are comprised of technological leaders.

DAM Terminal

The winning project is a file system like operations in a terminal, that is incorporated into Cloudinary’s Media Library.

Cloudinary-Usage Site Crawler

This second-place winner enables analysis of Cloudinary’s service usage at a customer site and the potential to increase the service usage there. The site crawler can also detect usage trends, both positive and negative, over time.


This third-place winner opens the Cloudinary platform by extending the transformation flow with WebAssembly modules or AWS Lambda. This project has been productized and is now part of Cloudinary’s service.


This is a simple desktop app that automatically syncs user file systems with their Cloudinary accounts. We’ll open-source this project in the upcoming weeks.

Cloudinary Chrome extensions

We built several Chrome extensions, most of which for analyzing image usage and potential improvements in visited sites.

Cloudinary Google Docs and Gmail Add-On

This project incorporates images and videos from Cloudinary’s Media Library within Gmail and Google Docs.

Cloudinary-Google Assistance Integration

This project enables voice commands for querying account-related information.

How to Speed Up Your WordPress Site with a Free Cloudinary Image CDN.
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